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Fashion Post by Miriam Victoria

Talentocom.Com – Models and Artists Training and Promotion Agency


Talentocom.com is formed by professionals fashion world, films and television with more than fifteen years of experience in this sector.

In Talentocom.com we form, prepare and direct talented young people who want develope their future like artists, models or fashion professionals.

Once prepared, our celebrities department with representants in Europe and USA and our national promotion department (depending on chosen profession) are responsibles for direct talents to develop and promote their careers, offering the best contacts and market opportunities.

If you are clear that this is the world in which you are interested, in our agency you will find artistics assessors who will analyze your professional talents and advice you in the best election for your future.

Once your training is over, Talentocom.com provide you work channels and introduce and present you to best firms to develop your professional career, which better conform your profile.

Reproduction in whole or part of all graphics and text displayed here without the express permission of the authors. © Talentocom.com - 2008

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